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I was born in Florida from immigrant parents who fled the Argentinian dictatorship. From an early age, art had been the lifeline of my existence.

As a child, I would often rummage through my parents' closet. One day, I came across a small box filled with my fathers old photographs. 

What struck me most about these beautiful black & white photos was how each  image ricocheted off of the next, forming the fascinating timeline of what was once my parent's journey as young adults in their homeland. 

I work in a variety of mediums, but I am primarily known for my paintings and photography. 

As a former student of classical composition at The juilliard school, the symbiotic relationship between my paintings, photography, and musical compositions is palpable. Each informing the other;  together  creating a more complete pictorial language.

I see these disciplines as tributaries flowing into one main current, approaching each other with  greater understanding.

My work is highly visual, often satirical, often raw, often poking fun at our consequential nature as humans.

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